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Why care about living Cruelty-Free?

Cruelty-Free is a business-oriented humane concept for makers and consumers of cosmetics, fashion goods, shoes, apparel and other products. Cruelty-Free promoters seeks to make sure that the manufacture of these goods does not mutilate animals or needlessly take away their life.

Vegans and campaigners for animal rights urge consumers to look for the Cruelty-Free label on products. The label assures you that no one was harmed in the making, testing and marketing stages of, say, your perfume, or the clothes you try on at the designer boutique. It is a step forward for caring about humanity and about ethical business practices. The use of cruelty free products shows you value not only your own comfort and beauty, but of the rest of this world's as well.
What is Cruelty-Free?
Cruelty Free - Natural and Organic Cosmetics
Cruelty-free means the product must include no trace of animal parts or animal substances taken by force, or caused an animal's hurt or death. Specifically, no product testing should have been done on animals.

Networks of animal welfare groups monitor companies around the world for observance of the cruelty-free policy. Many big and small companies are guilty of animal-cruelty practices. Cruelty-free campaigners believe if companies can only see the equivalent effects of animal-based product testing on humans, they would think twice before doing the practice again.

Even for medicines, a lot of laboratories make unnecessary use of live animals to test for diseases and cures, causing them pain and physical harm. Modern equivalents like tissue cultures and analysis can minimise such suffering for guinea pigs, rats and other animal species.
Living Cruelty-Free and the Vegan Life
Cruelty Free - No Fur, Against Animal Cruelty
Cruelty-free living is fully compatible with a vegan lifestyle, which seeks to exclude all animals as a source of food and clothing. A vegan lifestyle basically aims to not harm or kill animals unless when absolutely needed.

Vegans thus have stricter standards than ordinary vegetarians, excluding even animal by-products if their extraction causes harm to animals like bees and silkworms. Vegan philosophies maintain that animals have sentient rights that should be respected, and that non-reliance on meat as food burdens the environment less.

It can be argued that identifying every animal-derived ingredient in consumer goods will take lot of time and willpower to accomplish, which leads some vegans to conclude that preventing the maximum amount of animal suffering is a more realistic goal than trying to exclude all traces of animals in one's life.

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